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Descendants of Richard (1) Duke

Generation No. 1

Richard (1) Duke

Richard (1) Duke was born Abt. 1550 in England. He married Martha Parker. She was born Abt. 1550 in England.

Child of Richard Duke and Martha Parker is:

* 2...i. Richard (2) Duke, b. Abt. 1567, Otterton, Devonshire, England.

Generation No. 2

Richard (2) Duke

Richard (2) Duke ( Richard1 ) was born Abt. 1567 in Otterton, Devonshire, England. He married Margaret Bassett Abt. 1592 in Devonshire, England, daughter of Arther Bassett and Eleanor Chichester. She was born in Devonshire, England, and died June 09, 1619 in Devonshire, England.

Child of Richard Duke and Margaret Bassett is:

* 3...i. Thomas (3) Duke " THE IMMIGRANT ", b. 1616, Aylesford, Kent, England; d. 1654, James City, Virginia.

Generation No. 3

Thomas Duke (3) " The Immigrant "

Thomas Duke (3) " THE IMMIGRANT " ( Richard2 Duke, Richard1) was born 1616 in Aylesford, Kent, England, and died 1654 in James City, Virginia. He married Mary Barham 1641 in Kent, England, daughter of Thomas Barham and Marie King. She was born Abt. 1620 in Kent, England.

( Notes for Thomas Duke " THE IMMIGRANT " )
Thomas Duke lived in Kent England. He was a merchant of cloth--a " draper ". He and his wife Mary Barham, also from Kent England, came to America ( the first Duke family to arrive here from England ) and settled in Virginia in 1637 or 1638.
Thomas Duke moved to Nansemond County Virginia on the South side of the Nansemond River, next to Anthony Barnham and Captain William Pierce. Record is documented that Thomas received a patent for 150 acres in Upper Norfolk. On August 5, 1638, he received another 400 acres. In October 1638, he received yet another 300 acres.

( More About Mary Barham )

Christening: St. Paul, Canterbury, Kent England

Children of Thomas and Mary Barham are:

* 4...i. Col. Henry (4) Duke, b. Abt. 1644, James City, Virginia; d. 1714, James City, Virginia.
* ii. William Duke, b. Abt. 1644.
* iii. John Duke, b. Abt. 1638.

Generation No. 4

Henry (4) Duke

Col. Henry (4) Duke ( Thomas (3) Duke " THE IMMIGRANT ", Richard2 Duke, Richard1 ) was born Abt. 1644 in James City, Virginia, and died 1714 in James City, Virginia. He married (1) Elizabeth Marston. She died 1729 in Charles City, Virginia. He married (2) Elizabeth Soane Abt. 1667 in James City, Virginia. She was born Abt. 1649 in James City, Virginia.

( Notes for COL. Henry Duke )

Henry Duke, of James City County, Virginia is first mentioned in that county in 1680 when he is listed as one of the justices of James City, County and in 1699 he was commissioned as sheriff.
A list of Virginia military officers for 1698 in James City, County shows Capt. Henry Duke with 77 men under Col. Daniel Parke.
On June 25, 1690 ( listed as Capt. Henry Duke ) he was appointed by Gov. Francis Nicholson to solicit subscriptions for building a collage and free school in the colony ( William and Mary Quarterly, Vol 7, Pg 160 ).
He was a member of the House of Burgesses representing James City, County from 1692 to 1699; and in 1702, he was appointed a member of the Royal Council of the colony by Queen Anne and later designated as Judge of the Admiralty Court.
As a member of the Royal Council he sat in judgement at the trial of Grace Sherwood, accused of being a witch ( Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol 3, pg. 400 ).
He and son Henry Duke Jr. were examiners of the will of Col. William Byrd Sr., and made certificate at " Westoper, " Charles City, County, Virginia, on Jan 12, 1704/05, and he was appointed by Council to examine the accounts of William Byrd 1st as Auditor General of the Colony at his death.

In 1670 Henry Duke was living in James City County, Virginia on land he bought from William Manning adjoining the land of his mother.
In 1680 he was a public officer in James City County. He became a captain in the militia.
He was a Councilor and owned land on Timber Swamp by a patent granted Nov 2, 1693. He also received a 1000 acre patent on Oct 23, 1690 on the south side of Chickahominy River.
From 1692-1693 he was appointed on a committee for elections and privileges at a session of the House of Burgesses.
By 1694 he was a member of the House of Burgesses.
Beginning in 1699 he appears as Colonel instead of Captian.
In April of 1699 he was one of the Burgesses appointed on a joint committee to revise the seven whole body of laws of His Majesties Colony and Dominion ( Hennings Statutes at Large, Vol. 3, pg. 181 ).
At a court " at St. James this 21st day of May, 1702, in the 1st year of Our Reign " Queen Anne of Great Britain being " well Satisfied of the Loyalite, Integrity and Ability of Our Trust and Well beloved Henry Duke, Esqr ". appointed him a member of " Our Council of Our Colony and Dominion of Virginia ". Esquire was a coveted designation, a title of office and courtesy which was unually reserved for high officials of the colony.

Children of Col. Henry Duke and Elizabeth Soane are:

* 5...i. Capt. Henry (5) Duke, b. 1666, Virginia; d. 1780, Virginia.
* ii. James Duke, b. Abt. 1677.
* iii. Marston Duke, b. Unknown.
* iv. Edmond Duke, b. Unknown.
* v. Thomas Duke, b. 1672.
* vi. Elizabeth Duke, b. Unknown.
* vii. John Duke, b. Unknown.

Generation No. 5

Henry (5) Duke

Capt. Henry (5) Duke ( Col. Henry4, Thomas3 Duke " THE IMMIGRANT ", Richard2 Duke, Richard1 ) was born 1666 in Virginia, and died 1718 in Virginia. He married (1) ?. He married (2) Elizabeth Taylor 1704, daughter of John Taylor and Henritta Lucy. She was born Abt. 1668 in Virginia.

Children of Capt. Henry Duke and ? are:

* i. ? (6) Duke, b. Unknown.
* ii. John Duke, b. Unknown.

Children of Capt. Henry Duke and Elizabeth Taylor are:

* 6...iii. John Taylor (6) Duke, b. 1705, Prince George, Virginia; d. Aft. 1780, Wilkes, Georgia.
* iv. James Duke, b. Unknown.
* v. Henry Duke, b. Unknown.
* vi. Robert Duke, b. Unknown.

Generation No. 6

John Taylor (6) Duke

John Taylor (6) Duke (Capt. Henry5, Col. Henry4, Thomas Duke3 " THE IMMIGRANT ", Richard2 Duke, Richard1) was born 1705 in Prince George, Virginia, and died Aft. 1780 in Wilkes, Georgia. He married Jane Stewart.

Children of John Duke and Jane Stewart are:

* 7...i. Henry (7) Duke, b. 1736, Prince George, Virginia; d. September 18, 1780, Augusta, Georgia.
* ii. Thomas Duke, b. Abt. 1734.
* iii. James Duke, b. Abt. 1730.
* iv. Edmund Duke, b. Abt. 1726.

Generation No. 7

Henry (7) Duke

Henry (7) Duke ( John Taylor6, Capt. Henry5, Col. Henry4, Thomas Duke3 " THE IMMIGRANT ", Richard2 Duke, Richard1 ) was born 1736 in Prince George, Virginia, and died September 18, 1780 in Augusta, Georgia. He married (1) ?. He married (2) Lettice ?.

Children of Henry Duke and ? are:

* 8...i. Charles (8) Duke, b. October 1765, Georgia; d. January 22, 1850, Floyd Co,Georgia.
* ii. Thomas Duke, b. Unknown.
* iii. Miriam Duke, b. Unknown.

Child of Henry Duke and Lettice is:

* iv. Henry (8) Jr, b. Unknown.

Generation No. 8

Charles (8) Duke

Charles (8) Duke ( Henry7, John Taylor6, Capt. Henry5, Col. Henry4, Thomas Duke3 " THE IMMIGRANT ", Richard2 Duke, Richard1 ) was born October 1765 in Georgia, and died January 22, 1850 in Floyd Co,Georgia. He married (1) Dorothy ?. She was born Bef. 1800. He married (2) Nancy Elliott April 04, 1800 in Greene, Georgia, daughter of Thomas Elliott and ?. She was born 1782 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1862 in Floyd Co, Georgia.

( Notes for Charles Duke )


Charles Duke and his family are listed on the 1820 Walton Co, Georgia Federal Census as listed below;
Book 1, Roll # 10, Page # 128.
Charles Duke-
3 Free white males under 10.
4 Free white males of 10 and under 16.
1 Free white males of 45 and upwards, including heads of families.
2 Free white females under 10.
1 Free white females of 16 and under 26 including heads of families.
1 Free white females of 26 and under 45 including heads of families.
5, number of persons engaged in Agriculture.
1 Female slave under 14.

Courtesy of Carl Fowler to Glenda Sorrells ( Daughter-in-law of Nellie Duke ), July 8, 2002.
By: Douglas P. Reid

Charles Duke had a son by his first marriage who was a small boy in 1800 and whitnessed his wedding to Nancy Elliott.
Charles lived near the young families of James, Robert, and William Duke in Walton County., Georgia in the 1820's.
These men, as well as men named Thomas Duke and David Duke ( son of John P. Duke ) were probably all closely related to him; all except Robert appear on land records together with Charles. When Charles bought land from Henry White of Clarke County in 1826- land adjacent to William Beard- Thomas and James Duke acted as testators. ( These men both may have been sons or brothers ).
In 1830, Charles Duke is shown in Morgan County, while his son James was in Walton County where he had married Minerva Hightower in 1829.
Charles Duke seems to be related to John P. Duke who died in 1829 in Morgan County. Charles was at the estate sale, and later, drew for the orphans of John P. Duke in a land lottery in 1832. Other Duke relatives at this sale were Edmuond Duke ( administrator ), Thomas Duke, Sr. ( son of John Taylor Duke ), Thomas Duke, and John Duke, Sr.
The commonality of these men show that most of them were descended from the same family of John Taylor Duke, son of Captain Henry Duke and Elizabeth Taylor of Prince George County, Virginia. ( The " tabacco Dukes " were also descended from John Taylor Duke ).
John Taylor Duke and his sons, Henry, Thomas, James, and Edmond moved to Georgia ( Wilkes Co. ) in the 1770's and 80's. These sons were in there forties by then, with families of their own. It is known that Henry and Thomas both had sons named Charles Duke.
Our Charles Duke was likely the son of James, Edmond, Thomas, or possibly Henry, and the grandson of John Taylor Duke. ( See Evelyn Duke Brandenberger's " The Duke Family " for more on these men and their ancestry ).
The records are silent as to where Charles Duke was in 1840. He was probably in Floyd County. By then his son, David D. Duke and Thomas Duke, ( who may also have been his son ) were in Floyd Co.
Thomas and David had married sisters- Mary Ann and Martha White- in Walton County in 1829 and 1835.
By the 1850's Charles and Nancy along with James, John, Nancy, and her husband ( whom she married in Floyd County in 1842 ). David and Green R. were all in Floyd County, along with Thomas Duke.
Thomas left soon after 1850. The children of Thomas Duke ( born about 1803 ), and Mary Ann White ( born about 1807 ), who married in Walton County on 2 August 1829, were Martha ( b. 1830 ), James R. ( b. 1833 ), Mary A. ( b. 1835 ), Lousana ( b. 1837 ), Charles M. ( b. 1849 ), David W. ( b. 1843, Edmond I. ( b. 1845 ), and John T. ( b. 1849 ).
James Duke was appointed Administrator of Charles Duke's estate on 7 April 1856. Charles was remembered as a " big, stout, tall man, " and was known to his grandchildren as " Grand-Sir ".

( More About Nancy Elliott )


1860, Floyd Co, Georgia - Listed as Haney ( misspelled ) Duke, age 78 - F- S.C.( in the home of her son Green R. Duke ) pg. 50.

Child of Charles Duke and Dorothy ? is:

i. ?(9) Duke, b. Bef. 1800.

Children of Charles Duke and Nancy Elliott are:

* ii. Martha Duke, m. Joe Pitts.
* 9...iii. James W. Duke, b. August 25, 1805; d. January 23, 1887, Floyd Co,Georgia.
* iv. John Paul Duke, b. 1806; d. Unknown, Texas; m. Sarah Beard, January 06, 1831, Morgan Georgia.
* v. Nancy Duke, b. Abt. 1817; m. Henry Brad Aucock, January 05, 1842, Floyd Co, Georgia; d. Abt. 1880.
* vi. David D. Duke, b. 1818; d. January 20, 1862, Floyd Co,Georgia; m. Martha White, September 17, 1835, Walton Co, Georgia.
* vii. Lucy Ann J. Duke, b. Abt. 1823; m. Frances Marion Bailey, September 24, 1840, Floyd Co, Georgia.
* 10...viii. Green Reginald Duke, b. June 25, 1825, Georgia; d. February 08, 1897, Rome, Floyd Co,Georgia.
* 11...ix. Eliza F. Duke, b. Unknown; d. January 22, 1919, Floyd Co, Georgia.

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