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Go to the next page and click on a surname to see that families information. But first won't you take a look around. We'd enjoy having you visit all of our web site.


" What's new for 2011 "

This year we plan on updating most of our families trees. Why you ask? Well since we started Myblueangel there has been so many wonderful people who have shared their family history and photos with us that we need an update. We have lots of new surprises in store this year so make sure you bookmark our site and visit us often. Anyone with information and or photos to share send it on and I'll be glad to add it here as I can, giving you the credit as most of you know we don't take credit for others hard work, you get all the credit. Thank you all for your support and for your kind notes in our guestbook. " Happy Searching ".


Here you can see what we have added for the month. As we post new information and or photos you can read about it here.

" March "

Obituary: Bill Graves

" Auguest "

Family photo's, death certificate's and headstone photo's of the Gardner, Wilson, Bridges families.



Page 1: Family Photos, Mystery Photos, In Honor Of Our Servicemen.
Page 2: Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, Last Will And Testaments, Military Records.
Page 3: Headstone Photos, Church Photos, Cemetery Photos & Maps, Hospital Photos.
Page 4: Census Records 1790 to 1930.
Page 5: Obituaries, Bible Records.
Page 6: Miscellaneous ( Fun ).

Be sure to check out our " In Honor Of Our Servicemen " on the photos page 1. If you have a photo of a serviceman or woman that you would like to honor please send us your photo and we'll be glad to add it here. If you have information and or photos that you would like to share with us we will be glad to post it here and as most of you know we don't take credit for others hard work. We would like to add your name, nickname what ever you like as credit. If you would rather us not publish your name here we will be glad to say " Courtesy of our ? Cousin ". If you would like to take information and or photos from our web site we'd like for you to ask first so that we can make sure that the person who donated their information and or photos gets full credit for what was given to us. We'd also like to suggest to you that if your unable to find the family your looking for, then go to our guestbook and post info on who your searching for. Maybe one of our other guest has some info to share with you. Or you may just want to drop in to say " Hi ". But most of all enjoy our site: Ron & Glenda Sorrells

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